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Where to start to apply for the PTTI?
Photo by S. Corvaja, 2012

Besides each entity's own technology transfer projects from space areas to any other non-space sector (with no restrictions of sector/area/domain defined by the Steering Committee so far), other options exist that may trigger an application to the PTTI.

For this purpose, the technologies and applications of the European Space Agency (ESA) may be considered: by sections, ESA’s portfolio of technology descriptions can be found at; also, ESA produces, stores and makes available free of charge earth observation datasets (, which could be used for a myriad of non-space applications.

The application instructions for the next evaluation are available at the FORMS menu. Besides the institutional information and the executive summary, the candidates are expected to provide information mostly on: the current development status of the space technology/competencies to be transferred; prior involvement in space projects; intellectual property rights; the need/opportunity in a non-space market and how to address it; the competitive advantages against comparable solutions; the capacity to develop the Feasibility Study/Demonstrator; and the project activities and cost effectiveness (including a cost schedule).

IPN is available to answer your questions regarding the application procedure.