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March 1st, 2013: new submission date for the PTTI
Photo by R. Gendler

The next submission date for the PTTI is March 1st, 2013. Applications to Feasibility Studies and Demonstrators consisting of technology or competencies transfer from space to non-space sectors are welcome and may be sent to considering the given deadline. The communication of the Steering Committee decision about the proposals is planned to mid-April the latest.

Please note, new Application Instructions are available in the PTTI website (

In the 1st evaluation, the PTTI programme received 8 proposals (3 for Feasibility Studies and 5 for Demonstrators), and the Steering Committee decided to fund two Demonstrators: the csXceptionDemo from Critical Software and the GALCORE from DEIMOS Engenharia.

IPN is available to answer any questions regarding the management of the PTTI.