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Submission date 30th November for the 1st Evaluation of PTTI
Photo by ESA TV

PTTI calls for funding Feasibility Studies and Demonstrators are open since October 9th and proposal evaluations will be performed at three different dates. In order to be considered for the 1st evaluation (by mid-December), proposals must be submitted until November 30th, the closing date.

Through these Calls, IPN offers to support Feasibility Studies or Demonstrators on space technologies potentially applicable to non-space markets by making ESA funding available up to €30.000 (or to €50.000 in two winning Demonstrators proposals) on a co-funding basis up to 50% of the total project cost. For example: if the total project cost amounts to €60.000, only €30.000 may be funded under PTTI.

An Evaluation Board composed of ESA, FCT and 5 other distinguished members, representative of space and non-space sectors, as well as academia, was set to analyze the proposals, which should cover the following aspects:

a) The current development status of the space technology and the applicant competencies associated to that technology;
b) The description of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) status of the space technology/competencies: describe the current status of the underlying IPR;
c) The novelty technology/competencies and competitive advantage against comparable IPR on the market;
d) The identification and attractiveness of the non-space market(s): identify the non-space market(s) receiving the novelty technology/competencies and describe how those may fit in that market;
e) The potential benefits of the novelty technology/competencies for the identified non-space market(s): describe and quantify the impact of the novelty technology/competences on the identified non-space market(s) as much as possible. State the benefits for the non-space social community/well-being/quality of life;
f) The capacity of the applicant entity and staff involved to develop the Feasibility Study/Demonstrator: provide a description of the background of all collaborating entity(ies), their experience in the space and non-space market(s) and in technology/competencies transfer; illustrate the ability to successfully develop the Feasibility Study/Demonstrator, namely by attaching the CV of the staff involved, and/or subcontracted entities/persons. Other key information deemed relevant for the application may be added;
g) The project cost effectiveness: provide the economic justification for the proposed Feasibility Study/Demonstrator, i.e., illustrate how the activities to be developed and the results expected justify the budget proposed;
h) The overall feasibility of the technology/competencies transfer: provide an overall appreciation of the feasibility, list and describe the steps up to the effective transfer to the identified non-space market(s).

All proposal documents must be submitted to Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in .pdf format only and in a single e-mail, to the address Please do not hesitate to contact IPN for any questions regarding submission/evaluation dates, evaluation criteria, eligibility or application requirements.