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Evoleo takes space concepts to the railway industry

The main goal of PTTI-RMOP Project is to demonstrate that by using the RMOP Gateway it is possible to provide railways operators the confidence that 3rd party systems will not interfere with the critical train onboard systems, and that if any of these systems has a failure it will not propagate among the other ones. This is a concept already used in Space applications and the goal of this project is to leverage it to the Railway Industry.

The Concept demonstrator was developed using an industrial board to implement a proper certified hardware, middleware and software interfaces towards the train, while providing to any developer a clear baseline and standardization of interfaces for any product, service or technology being developed.

The RMOP system has 2 CPU cores working at the same time, with different applications running at the same time while sharing data between them. It is this concept that allows the abstraction from both sides. To the Train known Software and Electrical Interfaces are provided, while on the other side of the gateway, 3rd party applications and sensors will have the usual industrial standard interfaces.

RMOP is a proof of concept of a platform addressing the need for multiple sub-systems integration while keeping high safety and security levels. This is the key impact in the railway industry.

The further development of platform’s like this not only will have an important impact on the Rolling Stock Maintenance Manager and Railway Operators, which will have the possibility of adding new subsystems without the risk of impacting on the critical ones, but also for the Industry, that does not need to certify their systems in order to be integrated on the Train.

This new concept will be a Win-Win situation for both parties, and it can open new business opportunities applied to TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring Systems) and other technologies.