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PTTI grants funding to Active Aerogels to develop a demonstrator based in silica aerogel for pipeline thermal insulation solutions

Following the 3rd evaluation of the PTTI, Active Aerogels was granted funding for the development of a 6-month demonstrator project to transfer space technology to ground applications. The company proposes to transfer silica-based aerogel technology more effectively to the pipeline industry (oil and gas, cryogenics, etc.), replacing less efficient and environmentally harmful thermal insulation solutions.

Aerogels have been successfully applied as thermal insulation solutions in recent years, mainly in the space sector, due to their unusual properties such as very low thermal conductivity, low density, low flammability, low toxicity, and wide range of operating temperature.

This project aims to demonstrate a scale-up process so that aerogel can be applied to the pipeline industry, where good insulation, flexibility, and hydrophobicity are important properties to make the process viable.