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PTTI grants funding to LusoSpace to develop the AR4LogFS project

In the 2nd evaluation of proposals to the PTTI, the Steering Committee agreed to fund LusoSpace to develop a 6-month Feasibility Study to transfer space technology to the Logistics market. The idea started back in the end of 2004, when LusoSpace initiated its journey into the Augmented Reality (AR) world. Being assigned the European Space Agency’s activity “Auxiliary Direct Visualization of Information Tools for Space Applications” in October 2006 LusoSpace developed its first Head Mounted Display (HMD). Since then further developments have been done and LusoSpace’s involvement in this area has been continuously increasing. Having internally studied possible applications for the technology, Logistics was identified as a candidate user with interesting foreseen increases in productivity. The setting was in place for further work (business wise) and hence this study named Augmented Reality for Logistics (AR4LogFS). This Feasibility Study aims at assessing the technological obstacles to be overcome for this specific application and the return both for potential clients and for LusoSpace.