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PTTI grants funding to GMV-Portugal to develop the AIE4T project

As a result of the 2nd Evaluation of the PTTI, GMV-Portugal will receive funding to implement the Autonomous Inertia Estimation for Trasportation (AIE4T) Demonstrator, a 6-month project proposing to transfer technology that allows the on-line estimation of space vehicles mass, centre of mass position and inertia during the flights, to the automotive sector, particularly for active suspensions and high occupancy vehicles (HOV). The strict requirements generally applied to a space mission (high autonomy, minimum maintenance, high reliability) are becoming more and more relevant for the automotive sector, as cars are increasingly “smarter” (e.g. active suspensions, proximity sensors, self-parking systems) and evolving towards full autonomy. This technology transfer envisions a relevant benefit in terms of safety and consumption for the active chassis control of modern cars. Moreover, the opportunity of implementing in the car a cheap system to autonomously identify the number of passengers will boost the implementation of dedicated lanes in highways and urban environment, such as access bridges to big cities. In this last case, this technology transfer project shall provide a clear improvement towards the pollution reduction.