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Brokerage event "Technologies for Foundry Metal 2013", 26-27 September - Kielce, PL

The brokerage event "Technologies for Foundry METAL 2013" will be organised on the occasion of the International Fairs of Technologies for Foundry METAL on 26 September 2013. The METAL fair held in Kielce is the biggest fair event devoted to foundry engineering in Poland and one of the biggest events of this kind in Europe.

Last year’s edition has brought together over 300 companies from 29 countries of the world. The branch range covered everything what is necessary for foundry engineering, i.e.: design and production of foundry equipment, moulding and core–making machines, moulding materials, sand, bentonite, binders, equipment for moulding sand preparation, reclamation of quarzsand, auxiliary materials for foundry practice, foundry ceramics, scrap-metal and waste material of metals, die-casting machines, computer–aided design of castings and foundry processes, quality assurance of foundry processes and castings, refractory materials for foundry practice, melting of casting alloys; furnaces and charge materials, machines and equipment for pouring, castings made in iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and air heater shoes / forgings (for power, ship, automobile and mining industry), art castings, equipment and materials for cleaning, welding and finishing (the surface) of castings, welding and cutting, heat treatment of castings, furnaces and materials, transport and storing.

The brokerage event "Technologies for Foundry METAL" constitutes an unique opportunity for companies to find potential business partners in Central Europe through business to business meetings.

Industrial Sectors:
Industrial manufacture
Construction technology
Materials technology
Heavy metals industry, smelting

Participation is free of charge.

For more information how to register, please contact: Sylwia Zieja ( For more information on the event: