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Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2013 – from Materials Research to Ramping up Production - Birmingham, UK

Enterprise Europe Network Midlands invites you to participate in an international brokerage event and conference devoted to hydrogen fuel cells taking place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK on March 20th 2013.

The brokerage event has been designed to complement the 2 day conference “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2013 – from Materials Research to Ramping up Production” taking place on March 20th and 21st . The brokerage event complements the conference in terms of offering conference delegates the opportunity to attend pre-arranged meetings with potential partners, customers and suppliers throughout the afternoon.

Like in previous years it is envisaged that meeting sessions will help promote international commercial and technological collaboration in the increasingly commercial hydrogen fuel cell sector.

Clients of Enterprise Europe Network Midlands who participate in the brokerage event will receive FREE registration to the conference (normally £150 ex. VAT for 1 day or £250 ex. VAT for 2 days).

Due to high efficiencies, zero emissions and easy conversions, Hydrogen Fuel Cells are increasingly perceived as important components in a low carbon economy.

The brokerage event will offer you the opportunity to:
• promote your technology and expertise to a range of UK and international organisations
• gain access to the latest developments taking place in Europe and beyond
• develop partnerships leading to technological and commercial collaboration
• appreciate developments in the sector and understand better the role of your company

The conference and brokerage event are both significant in terms of bringing together European researchers and industrial players to promote knowledge-sharing and cooperation in this increasingly commercial sector.
In addition the conference looks outwards towards Asia where urgent demands for renewables, energy storage, clean transport and more efficient generation are emerging.