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B.e. Aerospace Connected - Toulouse, France

Come to Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées, one of the leading European region for civil aviation and a unique centre of skills for space science!

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Midi-Pyrénées with its partners from the Enterprise Europe Network –South West France invite you to “B.e. Aerospace Connected!” Gain new opportunities and competitive advantages through technical and R&D cooperations. Attending this event will give you easy access to enterprises in the field of space and aeronautics. Come to this event and be aerospace connected!

•Trends in aerospace technologies seen from Toulouse
•Get to know key players offering services to companies
•Get your problem solved - Matching organizations offering or seeking solutions

Main topics
•Energy, Engines, Propulsion Systems and Access to Space
•General Engineering and Collaborative Automated Production
•Embedded Systems
•Maintenance and Services
•Aero-Mechanics, Materials and Structures
•Living Earth and Space
•Autonomous Aeronautics and Space Systems
•Air Transport Safety and Security
•Navigation, Positioning and Telecommunications